Monday, August 26, 2013


Have the accessory belt in place, turned over the engine - looks good.  Installed the intercooler.  I replaced all the self-threading bolts with regular bolts.  I understand the technology - vibration and all, but, as these bolts screw into aluminum brackets, the treads would eventually wear out.  Some sort of Loctite, Threadlocker is a better option.

I had to re-engineer the intercooler cover front bolt supporting brackets(2).  I had wondered why one of the bolts was missing when I purchased the car in 2009 - 64,500 miles.  I lined everything up, sat it in place - where it should be - and no go.  There is two substantial brackets, the top hole was not lining up - period.  I enlarged (drilled out the unthreaded top brace hole) to let the bolt align properly.  A sloppy design.


February is almost finished and no - on the road again - MINI
Went out and purchased a battery - attached the trickle charger, cleaned out the garage working area and installed a few parts... progress.
been busy
looking to have the MINI
up and running
February 2014

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