Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 CSS3 JavaScript, jQuery, & HTML5

2015 CSS3 JavaScript, jQuery, & HTML5

The year 2015 is not quite, but, almost there.  Writing this as I'm watching 'Back to the Future 1985'.

I was introduced to CSS while at UIC, Daley Library GovDocs  - one of the things I was responsible for was to maintain the Fermilab FOI web site hosted at UIC. - - You know, a call from my contact (at Fermilab) - something like 'here's what I want you to do."

It was a start.  I 'slid' back into CSS during a lapse in employment in 2007. Found a couple of 'authors books' (need to add authors here) and applied my new found knowledge to my old and gone website

Nov 2008, New Job, new stuff.. And ..  "Here's a new web site, completed this last March, and the person that wrote it left for better pastures at the same time and well, it's an 'asp' thing. Would you make this live as soon possible." What fun.  Moving up to current times - The site went live, I messed around with the site css a bit. Time passed.

Fall, 2014 - the puzzle pieces fell into place.  In October and the following months I managed to put together a new website - still in test, appears to work pretty well. Me as author.. maybe doing what I've always done - learn from others.

There's never, just a website - it's "The Song That Never Ends".

Thanks to the writers of Javascript, jQuery, CSS3...

Thanks to Jon Duckett and Peter Gasston for their wonderful books - 2011-2015 Wiley/no starch press.
HTML & CSS design and build websites,
JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY interactive front-end web development,
THE MODERN WEB multi-device web development with html5, css3 and javascript,
THE BOOK OF CSS3 a developer's guide to the future of web design.

I have hard copies of these books (someday, they'll give us the ecopies for free)

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